Survival tips for first time Stockholmers

Written in collaboration with Downtown Camper by Scandic

Stockholm is famous for its stunning architecture, the cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, its Baltic Sea archipelago, freezing temperatures, as well as a whole host of modern and historical attractions. What’s less known are the quirky cultural nuances, which make Sweden so wonderfully unique. Here are 8 cultural insights into Sweden for its newest residents and visitors.

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Part 2: North Island, New Zealand

WaitomoRotorua > Auckland

Waitomo is a place I have fond memories of from my families last visit. So packing only our essentials, we waved goodbye and headed off for a few days away south of Auckland. A 2hr45min drive led us through countryside not unlike Wales, beautiful rolling valleys and plenty of sheep.

We arrived at our first destination Waitomo Kiwi Cave Rafting, where we would spend the next 4hrs navigating Waitmomo’s famous cave system. First things first was to get kitted up in some rather fetching wetsuits, multicoloured trousers and whites wellies. We looked an absolute picture, Edina and Patsy would have been proud. Once we’d suited and booted and with all our safety gear on we were ready to make our way to the entrance of the cave. One by one we were lowered or should I say abseiled down into a small riven where we met the river and opening of the cave. Now all down we made our way into the mouth of the cave, our guide leading from the front. We were in for a treat once inside the cave, switching our headlamps off we were plunged into total darkness.

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Melbourne, Australia

We’ve been travelling for 5 weeks now, it seems like longer, and very few places have captivated us in the way that Melbourne has. There is a sense that we’re home, a home away from home. This city has a little bit of everything; the skyscrapers are all neatly contained together, there is plenty of greenery the botanical garden being my favourite sanctuary, there’s the quirky, the cosmopolitain, a gaggle of sports arenas to suit every taste, the beach a stones throw away, and the Yarra River running through the city, I mean what more could you want.

Before leaving on our trip, Melbourne was the one place that everyone had an abundance of recommendations for, and I can totally see why. We have also left with our list of favourite restaurants, cafes, hangouts, and places to visit, which we will also pass onto our family and friends and of course you. We left a little piece of our heart back in the city that truly captured us.

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Tokyo, Japan


The city of efficiency, cleanliness and technical advancement. Japan has found a solution for everything; toilets, road crossings, tube stations etc. In Tokyo you will be impressed from the moment you step off the plane.

We wanted the fastest route into Tokyo city centre so opted for the Narita Express, not as fast as the name would suggest, the journey takes just over 1hr to Shinjuku central station. Whats great about the ride is that you will witness changing scenery as you pass the rural, suburban, and urban landscapes. The train also has wifi the whole journey, so you’ll be able to check in on the rest of the world and document your journey.

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