Travel Guide: Noteworthy Waiheke Vineyards

If you’re sitting at your desk planning your next vacation, or checking up your favourite Instagram accounts for inspiration on the commute home from work, chances are you’d rather be in New Zealand sipping wine and soaking up the beautiful island views that Waiheke has to offer. Located just a 35 minute, ferry ride from downtown Auckland, (a few minutes longer on the car ferry), Waiheke Island is a tranquil, beautiful jewel in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. Waiheke Island has an abundance of award-winning restaurants, cafe’s, and vineyards. Need an escape? Keep reading and check out my list of noteworthy vineyards.

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South Island, New Zealand

Christchurch > Tekapo > Mount Cook > Wanaka > Fox Glacier > Queenstown > Arrowtown

Driving through the rich landscape of New Zealand’s, South Island is like glimpsing a freshly painted canvas on every turn you take. Vast snowy capped mountains, enchanting green forests, a verdant oasis covering the lower rolling valleys, golden grass and a scattering of white sheep, depict a perfectly painted picture. The scenery is just magical and leaves you feeling at one with nature.

I had heard and seen a lot about the South Island of New Zealand but nothing can quite prepare you for the astonishing beauty, picture perfect, scenery that presents itself to you and makes you feel a ease in its vastness.

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Part 2: North Island, New Zealand

WaitomoRotorua > Auckland

Waitomo is a place I have fond memories of from my families last visit. So packing only our essentials, we waved goodbye and headed off for a few days away south of Auckland. A 2hr45min drive led us through countryside not unlike Wales, beautiful rolling valleys and plenty of sheep.

We arrived at our first destination Waitomo Kiwi Cave Rafting, where we would spend the next 4hrs navigating Waitmomo’s famous cave system. First things first was to get kitted up in some rather fetching wetsuits, multicoloured trousers and whites wellies. We looked an absolute picture, Edina and Patsy would have been proud. Once we’d suited and booted and with all our safety gear on we were ready to make our way to the entrance of the cave. One by one we were lowered or should I say abseiled down into a small riven where we met the river and opening of the cave. Now all down we made our way into the mouth of the cave, our guide leading from the front. We were in for a treat once inside the cave, switching our headlamps off we were plunged into total darkness.

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Waiheke, New Zealand

Waiheke Island is a tranquil, beautiful jewel in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf. Located just a 35 minute, ferry ride from downtown Auckland. Perfect for a day trip, wine-tasting tour, Honeymoon or just a relaxing vacation.

Having been to New Zealand before, when I was 17yrs old, I had high expectations for my return visit. We have been travelling for 6 weeks now, from Tokyo, right down the East coast of Australia and now to New Zealand, North and South islands. My excitement mounts as we touch down in Auckland, I can’t wait to see what this trip has to offer and how I will feel 16yrs on about the country I have held with such high regard.

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