One Month In

So I’m one month into my new journey of Defining New Wayz and I’d be lying if I said it was plain sailing. There have definitely been days when I’ve thought, I just want to stay in bed and fast forward to the next day. After arguing with the devil on my shoulder, the good thoughts of getting strong and the memory of how great I feel after training takes over. I get myself up and out of bed and put my gym gear on and cycle like a bat out of hell to the gym, as I’m usually running late 😀

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen the quotes I post, these are as much for my benefit as they are for you. There’s definitely a touch of cheesiness to them but if you can see past that, they act as a really good aid to motivate. Once I’ve read a few, I feel my shoulders pulling back and my chest pushing forward and I’m like, yes I got this! Those in the business of confidence building call this the ‘power pose‘, which helps raise testosterone and lower the stress hormone cortisol. Whatever your mantra, if it helps you feel great, then why the hell not!

Part of my mission this month and moving forward, is to throw myself at as many new things as possible. This is easier said than done in an expensive city like Stockholm, but I’ve certainly tried a few new things.

Trying Urban Afrobeat at Dansskolan Yogansa, with the awesome @dreamchaseer_1 , has got to be my favourite activity this month. I’m far from coordinated, my legs and arms seem to move independently of each other, so much to my disappointment I’m not going to be called up as Beyonce’s next backing dancer anytime soon. But I did love every second of the class and I’ve not laughed so hard at myself for a long time.

Urban Afrobeat is a generic name for modern African club cultures and different dance styles. Exhilarating, high energy, sexy and upbeat, I dare you not to leave this class sweaty and with a massive smile across your face.

In other news I managed to lift my heaviest weight in a deadlift, 58kg, after a month of training. I’d never deadlifted before, in fact most of my life I’ve been sporty but I was never really into lifting weights, I thought it was a guy thing. How wrong I was! I love lifting weights now and the more I do the stronger I can feel myself get.

Don’t be afraid to weight train ladies! You won’t bulk up like men, it will however help you; gain strength, develop muscle tone and definition, lose body fat, improve your athletic performance and reduce the risk of all types of injury and illness. With all those benefits, why wouldn’t you try it. However, be sure to get a personal trainer to show you the correct techniques to avoid lifting incorrectly.

Till next time remember…

“the moment when you want to quit, is the moment when you need to keep pushing.”


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